Fram Oslo


2.650,00 kr

Design by Andreas Engesvik. 

Helle wool blanket is inspired by the old rock art known as Helleristninger (petroglyphs). There is something wild and beautiful about the petroglyphs. The designer wish with this design to recreate the lines found in the petroglyphs´ motives. The design is an abstract interpretation of the crew lines often seen in drawings of ships.

The soft wool blanket stands in contrast to the natural surroundings of the petroglyphs, but the beautiful grey tones of the blanket gives associations to rocks and mountains. Like the petroglyphs, the Helle blanket has a woven 3D effect. The blanket is made in natural colored Norwegian wool, that feels solid and soft against your skin.


The size of the blanket is 135 x 200 cm.

100% New Norwegian Wool

Design Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

Made in Norway by Grinakervev