About Fram Oslo

About Fram Oslo


Fram Oslo

Fram Oslo was established in 2016 with the desire to develop high quality products with a modern and sustainable signature lasting for generations. The company is inspired by Norway’s stunning natural wonders, how function plays a vital role in design and all other aspects of Norwegian daily life.  Fram Oslo´s products are beautiful and useful.


Our Mission

The name, Fram Oslo, is evidence of the company’s love for Norway. Fram means forward and is the name of history’s most famous polar ship, which was used for expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Like our great explorers moved the world forward, our mission is to bring Norwegian design into more homes around the world.

In Norwegian history Fram is a name linked to curiosity and adventure. Through contemporary Norwegian design Fram Oslo wish to continue this story. With a number of distinguished designers on board, Fram Oslo continues the Norwegian design journey by producing sustainable products adapted to our daily needs.



Norwegian design has a tendency to be more “untamed”, perhaps a bit wilder than our Scandinavian neighbors, just like our Norwegian nature. Our tall mountains, dramatic fjords and mystic forests inspires the very essence of what we seek in our products. We love being outdoors, it is where we find peace and renewed energy. Our products seek to recreate this peace in our homes.

Fram Oslo’s products are beautiful and serve a purpose. Maybe it is our forefathers farming background that has instilled this in us? We seek to combine the artistic elements with the purpose of our products. Maybe our grandmother’s knitting and creating beautiful and artful clothes fostered an appreciation for applied art at an early age – we saw the joy in their products and we always were proud to wear their creations.  

Fram Oslo is often drawn to new designers through the story behind their designs. Where did the ideas come from, what inspired the art? Several of our designers have found inspiration in traditional Norwegian culture and furniture and brought this into design of new products that fits in our homes today. We love how our products tell a story that can continue on in the lives of our customers.

Fram Oslo – design with a story to tell.


The Fram Oslo Way

Fram Oslo has created a platform between Norwegian Designers and Norwegian Producers. We seek to optimize the commercialization process between prototype and finished product. Fram Oslo creates the brand-platform and tie together entities so all can focus their energy and talent on what they know best. At the heart of our company is the connection we create between designer and producers. Together we stand stronger as we bring new design into the global marketplace.

Fram Oslo has experience, knowledge and demonstrated results in sales, branding, pr and storytelling. We help bring these stories to market, creating success for both our designers and producers.


Fram Oslo Gives Back 

Norway has a long tradition of social responsibility and charitable work. Through design Fram Oslo wish to follow in these footsteps by donating 10% of its profit to UNICEF for its work for children.

WHY do we give back?  We feel it is our responsibility to give back. We have been given so many opportunities in our community and by our parents that we feel it is the right thing to do - to pay it forward, the kindness that has been bestowed upon us.

We want to help shape our community by gestures of kindness and care. Fram Oslo is a family owned and operated company. Community and care were instilled in us by our parents, this is our way of extending this kindness and connecting us with what we are passionate about and with what is important to us. We care.

By supporting UNICEF for its work with children we share our gratitude for opportunities given us. We believe education is the best gift a child can get, it opens the world of opportunities and growth. Education can lift families and communities. Education can help children reach their potential and help them thrive in their communities.


Why Work With Fram Oslo?

We care.

We care about the designers and their ideas.

We care about the manufacturers we work with.

We care about the workers that make our products.

We care about the dealerships we work with. We seek to work with like-minded stores, that put emphasis on quality and care for their customers.

We care about the customer. You can always expect excellent customer service. We will always get back to you if you have questions or concerns.

We always strive to be better.

We always care.