Bunad Blankets – Design Andreas Engesvik

The Bunad Blanket is designed by award winning Norwegian designer, Andreas Engesvik for Fram Oslo. Each Blanket, made of 100% wool, relates directly to the colors of a corresponding Bunad. The Norwegian Bunad is one of the most visible and known traditions in Norwegian cultural heritage. Bunad is a name used for Norwegian traditional clothing and folk costumes. The Bunad Blankets received the Reader´s Choice Award from Norway´s leading interior design magazine in 2017.

Made in Norway by Grinakervev
Fram Oslo is pleased to work with Grinakervev to produce the Bunad Blankets and Pillows. Grinakervev is a weaving company with long tradition located in the beautiful Hadeland region of Norway. Click here to view the Bunad Blankets.

Haldar – Design Andreas Bergsaker

Haldar is a wall rack that can be used in the hallway, kitchen or bedroom to help organize your belongings in a unique and stylish way. The name Haldar is a play on words and relates to Norwegian words for holding on to things. Andreas Bergsaker found inspiration for Haldar in a beautiful old kitchen towel holder that has been in his family for generations. The traditional towel holders were commonly found in Norwegian kitchens, where a decorative towel would hang on a rod whereas the everyday towels were hidden behind. Compared to its historical "ancestor", Haldar is stripped down to the bare minimum with hidden hooks facing the wall keeping the functionality at hand. You can hang one or multiple Haldars next to each other at different angles creating a stylish wall installation. In addition to the hidden hooks facing the wall, Haldar features tailor-made wall mounts allowing it to be mounted at any angle, from horizontal to vertical, offering ultimate flexibility and an opportunity to challenge wall organizer installations.

Made in Norway
Haldar has been developed in close cooperation between the designer and the Norwegian manufacturers. Haldar is manufactured by Brødr. Øyehaug, located in Ørsta, a contemporary manufacturer with 75 years of production experience of wooden products. The wall mount that allows Haldar to be hung at any angle is produced by Våpensmia, another Norwegian company with an eye for precision. Våpensmia is located in the village of Dokka. Click here to view Haldar

Helle Wool Blanket - Design Andreas Engesvik

Helle wool blanket is inspired by the old rock art known as Helleristninger (petroglyphs). There is something wild and beautiful about the petroglyphs. The designer wish with this design to recreate the lines found in the petroglyphs´ motives. The design is an abstract interpretation of the crew lines often seen in drawings of ships. The soft wool blanket stands in contrast to the natural surroundings of the petroglyphs, but the beautiful grey tones of the blanket gives associations to rocks and mountains. Like the petroglyphs, the Helle blanket has a woven 3D effect. The blanket is made in natural colored Norwegian wool, that feels solid and soft against your skin.

Made in Norway by Grinakervev
Click here to view Helle

Larvik Vases - Design Kaja Dahl

Larvik unique sculptural vases are designed by Kaja Dahl for Fram Oslo. The vases, made from Larvikite stone, brings about a feeling of mountain and nature in your home. Each Larvik Vase is unique and one of a kind. One side of the vase is polished to showcase the beautiful crystals, while the other sides are left raw to create a nice contrast between the polished and the natural. The vases are appealing sculptures on their own and add an engaging contrast to the delicate flowers the vase is made for. Larvikite was named Norway´s national stone in 2008. Larvikite is known for its beautiful crystals and is named after the area in Norway where it is found. Larvikite is a magmatic rock type known for its shimmering feldspar crystals.

Made in Norway
Made in Norway with rock from Lundh´s Stålaker Quarry and finished by Sandefjord Stenhuggeri. Click here to view Larvik

Norwegian Forest – Design Vera & Kyte

Norwegian Forest Damask Tablecloth and tea towels are inspired by the forest and Norway´s stunning nature. Vera & Kyte found inspiration for Norwegian Forest from their own walks in the forest. The contrasts between the delicate pine needles carpeting the forest floor and the rough bark on the tall pine trees are interpreted into unique organic patterns. Norwegian Forest draws its colors from the four seasons and will give a picture of how the forest changes throughout the year.

Produced at Grinakervev
Norwegian Forest has been developed in close cooperation between the designer and Norwegian Grinakervev. Grinakervev is a weaving company with long tradition located in the beautiful Hadeland region of Norway. Click here to view Norwegian Forest