Fram Oslo Designers

Andreas Bergsaker - Design Haldar

Andreas Bergsaker is a Norwegian designer based in Copenhagen. Bergsaker’s design has been exhibited in London, Milan, New York, Oslo and Stockholm. His design focus on functionality in everyday objects, emphasizing traditional craftsmanship and tactile qualities. Bergsaker holds a Master’s Degree in Product Design from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. To learn more about Andreas Bergsaker please visit his web site at

Andreas Engesvik - Design Bunad Blankets and Pillows, and Helle Blankets

The Bunad Blankets are designed by Andreas Engesvik inspired by the traditional Norwegian folk costumes. Andreas Engesvik is one of Norways most prominent designers, having played a major role in pushing contemporary Scandinavian design to the international market and establishing the reputation it has today. After studying art history at the University of Bergen and completing an MA in design at the National College of Art and Design, he went on to co found the design studio Norway Says in 2000. Today, many of the products and furniture from the studio have become contemporary classics produced at a time when the Scandinavian design scene in general, and the Norweigan design scene in particular, was mostly appreciated for the furniture icons of its rich past. To learn more about Andreas Engesvik please visit his web site at

Kaja Dahl – Design Larvik Vase

Kaja Dahl has her own design studio in Oslo after spending years studying abroad. Dahl´s artistic vision is to create balance between nature´s raw material and the way they are processed. Her design has won several awards and in 2018 she was nominated for the “Emerging Designer of the Year” award by the renowned architecture and design magazine Dezeen. To learn more about Kaja Dahl please visit her web site at

Vera & Kyte - Design Norwegian Forest Tea Towels & Tablecloths & Lollipop Blankets

Vera & Kyte is a Norwegian design studio based in Bergen, on the Norwegian West Coast. Vera K. Kleppe and Åshild Kyte established the studio in 2013 after graduating the University of Bergen, Department of Design. Their design is driven by curiosity and passion, and characterized by an analytical approach with an enthusiasm for exploring new materials and methods. The design duo´s work has been exhibited in cities like Milano and New York, and they have been labeled up-and-coming stars by leading design press. To learn more about Vera & Kyte please visit their web site at