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Rundkast Black Oak

3.550,00 kr

Rundkast - an ultra functional and modern wall organizer designed by Andreas Bergsaker 

Rundkast is a small wall cabinet, inspired by a closet found on Norwegian farms since the 1700s. It was considered a key element of furniture design at that time. Inspired by this historic furniture piece, Rundkast is an ultra-functional, and modern wall organizer.

The small open wall cabinet can be used in the hallway, for your keys, sunglasses, outerwear, umbrella, and small belongings, or in the kitchen, bedroom, or home office.

The circular front panel hides two shelves, one inside, and one on the top. On the bottom there are 4 practical hooks.

Rundkast is available in two versions: one in clear lacquered oak veneer with white powder coated aluminum, and one in black lacquered oak veneer with black anodized aluminum.

Rundkast measures: Ø45 cm and 19,5 cm width.


Made in Norway

Rundkast is manufactured by Brødr. Øyehaug, located in Ørsta, a contemporary manufacturer with 75 years of production experience of wooden products. The metal component is produced by experienced Haaland Tynnplate, which specializes in steel and aluminum processing, located on the western coast of Norway.