Fram Oslo

Larvik Vase

2.700,00 kr

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Larvik unique sculptural vases are designed by Kaja Dahl for Fram Oslo. The vases, made from Larvikite stone, brings about a feeling of mountain and nature in your home.
Each Larvik Vase is unique and one of a kind. One side of the vase is polished to showcase the beautiful crystals, while the other sides are left raw to create a nice contrast between the polished and the natural. The vases are appealing sculptures on their own and add an engaging contrast to the delicate flowers the vase is made for.
Larvikite was named Norway´s national stone in 2008. Larvikite is known for its beautiful crystals and is named after the area in Norway where it is found. Larvikite is a magmatic rock type known for its shimmering feldspar crystals.

Designer Kaja Dahl

Made in Norway with rock from Lundh´s Stålaker Quarry and finished by Sandefjord Stenhuggeri.
The vases are all one of a kind pieces and will vary in shape and sizes. The height varies between 15cm and 20cm. For more detailed information about each piece, please email
The vases have been treated to handle water for flowers.